New Library Section

"The Great Library of Alexandria"

I am genuinely curious and open minded about a lot of things. Certainly I have my own beliefs, but that has never been a barrier to me when it comes to learning and reading. So I've created a "Library" section on this website you'll find over on the right side of the main page if you're viewing on a desktop, or by clicking the button on the very top right of the website on mobile. Aside form linking to show specific material in show specific posts I will keep everything I use or enjoy in the Library - Books section! All you have to do is click on the book and it'll take you to it. Most of the links will be to the physical books, but some will be audiobooks. It'll always be growing so check it out whenever you stop by if you need a new book! You can also use the Audible link on this site to get a free audiobook, no strings attached.

The next section in the Library is called "Theme Music". Where you can find links to all the theme music used on the show as well as information about who made it, and what kind of licenses are involved.

I plan to add sections to the library as I get time, the next one will probably be a list of "free" material that can be found online that I use, whether its public domain ebooks, or nifty write-ups from other webpages. Keep checking for updates! Or in the same area of the page you found the Library section, you can type in your email and you'll get an email version of the blog when it gets updated.